Great Selection of Items in store

Within the Diss area there’s a strong tennis following confirmed by three healthy clubs relating to Diss Tennis Club, Wortham Tennis Club and Stradbroke Tennis Club.

We like to support the members of these clubs with helping them with new rackets and tennis wear.  With our new facility offering players the ability to test a racket before purchase this has proven to be popular with many serious players.  Our aim is to ensure that you get the right racket for your game and using this facility has proven to work for a lot of the local team members.

Re Stringing Service

A well strung racket is vital to performing well in your game.  At Leisure Sport we offer the professional service to ensure that your racket is strung to the tension that suits your game weather your a power play or control player these can be strung accordingly.

Rackets and Tennis Clothing

A large section of the shop is devoted to the stocking of tennis equipment which included the rackets, tennis balls along with a good selection of clothing and the correct footwear to play tennis within,  If you need any further information on the items that we stock just pop into the shop or alternatively give us a call or email to see how we can help you and your game.